1. What kind of products need mold development?

Customized products all require the development of new molds, please contact the professional staff, we will provide you with the best solution.

2. What is plastic injection molding?

It is a process in which solid plastic raw particles are heated at high temperature to melt into a liquid state, then filled into a mold, and then cooled and solidified into a finished product after a certain period of time.

3. What are the characteristics and advantages of plastic products?

Plastic products are light in texture and cheap in price, and can be produced in large quantities and quickly; in terms of finished product structure and surface processing, they are easier to form than metal, so they have largely replaced metal or other materials and are widely used in daily life. various daily necessities.

4. What kinds of plastic raw materials are there?

Plastic raw materials can be divided into two categories:
Thermoplastics: Reversible and recyclable, but poor heat resistance. According to the function, it can be divided into general-purpose plastics, engineering plastics, elastomers and adhesives. Such as: treasure bottle, acrylic, etc.
Thermosetting plastics: irreversible, cannot be re-heated and shaped, not easy to recycle, good heat resistance and weather resistance. Such as: tires, melamine tableware and so on.

5. What surface processing methods are available for plastic products?

Common surface processing methods include: printing, spray painting, baking paint, electroplating, bronzing, laser engraving, etc. In addition to beautifying the appearance and improving the texture of products, surface processing can also add other properties to plastic products. Such as: conductive shielding paint, PU hardening paint.