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Based on product manufacturability considerations, product design is combined with multiple aspects such as appearance and function.
Building strong business relationships with important companies that view pruning innovation, design, and development as value-added product lines is critical to making this business model successful.
Universal Trim Supply - mold development

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Universal Trim Supply - PRODUCT DESIGN

product design

Complete product development services, from product process design planning, mold development, manufacturing molding, to process mold review, quality control analysis.

Mold development

Complete mold opening review process and mold flow analysis reduce the risk of failure in mold development.

Universal Trim Supply - mold development

Injection Molding

Various types of precision plastic products are molded, based on years of production experience, to effectively solve various poor molding problems for customers, and at the same time provide customers with high-quality products.


Provide post-process processing services for various products to meet the various needs of customers at the manufacturing level, continuously improve technology, and maintain the highest quality sense of quality.

Core technologies

It has been awarded 83+ patents for the supply of decorative parts, customized designs, and original innovation concepts for the world’s largest technical clothing manufacturer.

Injection Molding

The integration of diversified manufacturing processes allows you to save time and effort, create unique products on the market, and maintain the highest level of design quality.

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